No Tour For Depeche Mode

Hoping to wrap the album before Christmas.

For the first time in nearly fifteen years, Depeche Mode will not tour to

support a new album. When the trio (fourth member Alan Wilder left the group

earlier this year) release the still-untitled effort in April, a management

source said they might make some television and other promotional appearances,

but it's not likely they'll mount a year-long tour like the one that

accompanied their last album, Songs of Faith and Devotion.


toured behind every album since 1980 and they just decided that it was best for

them to not tour this time," said the source. The band, who are due to finish

recording the album this week, before Christmas, will release the single

"Barrel of a Gun" in February, which will feature remixes from One Inch Punch

and Underworld on both the single and a b-side instrumental,