Watt, Claypool & Flea? Could Happen!

Taking the bass where it's never been before.

Now that Mike Watt is back in Southern California, he

tells us he's going to begin work on his next album. He'll be working with

guitarist Nels Cline and drummer Steve Hodges. Watt says the albums is a

concept album, and that he'll record in March and April with a projected summer

'97 release. Watt also tells us he's recorded a couple of instrumental tracks

for a Kill Rock Stars compilation. One is a dos track (dos is a bass duo

consisting of Watt and his wife Kira), the other was recorded with Thurston

Moore. Now get this: Watt says he's been talking to Les Claypool and Flea about

recording a bass trio album. And then there's the acoustic album. "I'm gonna

record stand-up bass sometime soon for a 7 inch too," Watt says. "Gotta learn

that fucker right. A couple of Carmen McRae tunes."