John Cale Hopes To Restage Opera

Cale performing in Chicago recently. Photo by Matt Carmichael.

John Cale is close to wrapping up the North American leg of his

"Walking on Locusts" tour, his first with a backing band in almost a decade.

Tonight (Oct. 23) and tomorrow, he plays his home town NYC, so expect some

stops to be pulled out. Sources close to the band have dropped hints that David

Byrne, who plays on one of the Locust tracks is planning on sitting in

for a song or two. The show on the 24th is slated to be broadcast on the radio

live via satellite. Once Cale wraps up the U.S. tour, he will take a couple

weeks off (he is a family man after all) and then head to Europe for a couple

weeks. After that who knows what the man who's narrated CD-ROMs, written movie

soundtracks, and toured with a String Quartet in the last year, is going to do.

One thing is certain though: Plans are underway to restage his opera, based on

the Mata Hari story, next summer. Originally it was performed in Vienna last

year but Cale intends on taking it to some other cities in Europe. The work

featured Jenni Muldaur (who also sang on Cale's "Last Day on Earth" project

with Bob Neuwirth) as the maid, who also served as Narrator.

Cale told ATN

that it was all the deadline work for this project that was "the beginning of

foraging back into writing songs...

"It's a very interesting way of telling

a story," Cale said of the opera form. "It's got several dimensions" There's a

narrator, characters and dances and shadows and videos. What works so well

about it is that it's short. It's punchy. It does everything in a sort of

non-elaborate way."

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