"New" Springsteen & The E Street Band Tracks Due

This whole thing started when Springsteen decided he needed some new recordings with his old band for his Greatest Hits album.

Three previously unheard songs that Springsteen recorded

with the reunited E Street Band at a New York studio last year will be released

as part of a CD/video package titled Bruce Springsteen: Blood Brothers,

due Nov. 18. In addition to an alternate version of the song, "Blood Brothers,"

which appeared on Springsteen's 1995 Greatest Hits album, there is a

song called "Without You," a cover of Tim Scott's "High Hopes," a version of

"Secret Garden" with strings, previously released in Europe, and a live version

of "Murder Inc.," which was recorded in Feb. 1995 during the filming of the

"Murder Inc." video. As for the video component of the package, it's a

document of the E Street Band sessions that resulted in the songs that appeared

on the Greatest Hits album (and that will appear on the new CD).