Weezer Blows It Downunder

Uh, guys, you can adjust the volume on those amps you're using.

Geek-rockers Weezer made their maiden voyage to New

Zealand promoting the just released Pinkerton. With Garbage, Ash, and

Everclear in town a few days earlier and the Jesus Lizard also in Auckland that

night, I was surprised to see that the Logan Campbell Centre was holding a good

sized crowd this past Monday night (Oct. 14) Capacity is a couple thousand and

the hall was about three quarters full, with the majority on the floor and a

sprinkling of mellower music lovers in the balcony. But mellow was not the word

for the night and you'd have been hard-pressed to find anyone in the audience

over eighteen.

Opening things up were Auckland's own Garageland. They

turned in a solid set of intelligent, well-crafted pop songs. The young crowd

appreciated the effort even though they were clearly there to see the


Now, I'll admit I'm not the world's greatest Weezer fan, but I

found myself singing "Buddy Holly" for days after first hearing it just like

everyone else, and the other singles had their appeal as well. What I didn't

realize, is that Weezer are rivaling Metallica for loudness. They came out

blasting with "Tired Of Sex," the lead-off track from the new album. The

trouble is, these are pop songs, but the band had the volume cranked to the

max. You couldn't appreciate the songs. What I'm saying is it was too damn

loud! Don't get me wrong...

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