Garbage Shirley Manson Gets Angry

Manson has a fan thrown out. Too much gobbing for her.

One thing to keep in mind if you go see Garbage...don't

piss Shirley Manson off! The band finally made it to Auckland this past Friday

(Oct. 11) where they played the North Shore Events Centre, a glorified

gymnasium, that holds several thousand paying customers. It looked like a

strong turnout, the younger element there to see openers Ash. Hailing from

Northern Ireland, Ash drew screams just by setting foot on stage. The trio, led

by vocalist/guitarist Tim Wheeler, have a sound reminiscent of first generation

British punk bands such as The Jam and The Buzzcocks with a healthy dose of

grunge thrown in. They managed to squeeze 11 songs into their 40 minute set

including "Goldfinger," "Girls From Mars" and "Oh Yeah," the latter a beautiful

slice of Beach Boys inspired pop. If these youngsters can continue to come up

with songs as good as that, they'll be doin' alright.

After a half hour

wait, the lights went down...

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