Ani DiFranco & Utah Phillips Make Moody Music Together

DiFranco and Phillips hangin' together.

One of the oddest collaborations of the year finds Ani

DiFranco and folk singer/storyteller Utah Phillips collaboration on a brand new

album, The Past Didn't Go Anywhere, which will be released on DiFranco's

Righteous Babe label on Oct. 15. The album is a distinctly '90s collaboration.

To create it, DiFranco sifted through 20 years of recordings of Phillips

telling stories, and, using digital sampling, messed with them, creating what

she calls "Post-Industrial Campfire Stories." These treated vocals were them

set to music tracks created by DiFranco. The music that DiFranco has created

specifically for this album is more experimental that what has, to date,

appeared on her remarkable solo albums. DiFranco's intention was to create an

audio soundscape that would compliment the humor, wisdom and Americana of

61-year-old Utah Phillips. Combining the human of performers with latest

recording studio manipulation techniques, DiFranco and Phillips have come up

with a striking work that underlines the old truism about learning from the

past, although in this case, it appears that you can teach an old dog

new tricks. Very cool.