Return Of The Descendents

Cover art from older Descendents release.

Some bands can seemingly slag it out forever (take the Stones, for

example), while others call it quits, only to later embark on reunion tours (do

we have to name names?). Then there's the Descendents, who have chosen both

routes. The southern California punk band had released four albums when singer

Milo Aukerman took a sabbatical in 1987 to pursue a Ph.D. in biochemistry.

While Milo was behind the microscope, the three remaining members (former Black

Flag drummer Bill Stevenson, Karl Alvarez, and Stephen Egerton) kept slagging

it with various singers out under the name All. Now Milo's back and the band

has dusted off the Descendents moniker. They've also just released an excellent

pop punk platter called Everything Sucks.

"There's always been an

open door for Milo," says drummer Stevenson. "We never really

unconnected--I mean Milo and me have been best buddies since we were

little kids." He and Aukerman were the band's core members during its heydays

of '81 to '82, and then 1985 up until Milo's exit. During those years, the

Descendents laid much of the ground work for what would eventually be called

pop punk. At the time, Milo's nerdy appearance, his bookish ways (the band's

first album is called Milo Goes to College), and the band's mushy songs

about girls set to punk rock shredding, all combined to earn them the label

"geekcore." After Milo traded in his leather jacket on a lab coat, he stayed in

close contact with the band. "I played some sort of consulting role with the

All guys. They'd send me tapes of their new stuff, and I'd give them input on

it. And also I did backups on Breaking Things, and I've subbed in for

[All vocalist] Chad [Price]."

Earlier this year, Milo was once again bitten

by the punk rock bug...

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