The Tupac Murder Investigation Continues

Progress being made? Hard to tell.

The Compton Police Department announced the arrest of two dozen gang-bangers in

Los Angeles on Wednesday, one of whom was reportedly held as a suspect in the

murder of rapper Tupac Shakur. According to a statement released late Wednesday

night from the Compton PD, with assistance from the LA County Sheriff's

Department, the FBI, the Federal Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms, the

California Youth Authorities and several other state and national agencies,

officers staged a series of raids aimed at sweeping up Crip and Blood members

suspected of crimes in the Compton area, including 12 shootings since September

7, 1996. Among those alleged crimes are several shootings police suspect were

in retaliation for the deadly ambush of Shakur in Las Vegas. According to a

Compton Police Department spokesperson, two Las Vegas Metropolitan Police

representatives were present during the raids, both of whom interviewed some of

those arrested and then returned to Las Vegas. No additional charges were filed

as a result of those interviews. Nabbed in the arrests were 23 suspected gang

members, 18 handguns, 7 rifles, one machine pistol, 3 bullet-proof vests and

more than a kilo of methamphetamine, cocaine and marijuana. Orlando Anderson,

22, who hours before Tupac was shot scuffled with Tupac and members of his

entourage, was released from jail on Friday; prosecutors declined to file

charges against him in an unrelated (to the Tupac shooting) case; he has been

under investigation for another murder and an attempted murder in Compton,

according to DA spokespersons and Gibbons. Anderson is still under

investigation, according to Gibbons. A spokesperson for the Compton Police

Department denied that any of those arrested were suspects in the Shakur

shooting and insisted that there was no connection between the two


Reached on Friday, Lieutenant Larry Spinosa, press liaison for the

Las Vegas Police Department's Homicide division, confirmed...

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