Tibetan Freedom Concert Funds Freedom Tour

Beastie Adam Yauch at a Tibetan Freedom Concert press conference this past summer. Photo by ATN.

This past summer the Tibetan Freedom Concert, which

featured performances by some of the world's best bands including the Smashing

Pumpkins, Beastie Boys, Foo Fighters, Sonic Youth, Pavement, A Tribe Called

Quest and Cibo Matto, raised a million dollars. Now Milarepa, the non-profit

organization founded by Beastie Adam Yauch and Erin Potts, is using some of the

money to fund a Tibetan Freedom Tour of 17 colleges and universities that will

kick off on Oct. 18 at Brown University. The point of the tour is to educate

students regarding the injustices (including torture) that continue to be

inflicted on the Tibetan people by the Chinese government. "Students have the

energy, heart, mind and fearlessness to challenge the world's injustices and

stand up for peace, freedom, compassion and beliefs which can inspire the world

to change," said Students For A Free Tibet director Diana Takata. The tour will

not include any rock performances. Rather, there will be traditional and modern

Tibetan music and dance, an activist resource center, multimedia exhibits, a

training workshop on lobbying local, state and national government leaders,

education booths and a number of speakers including Gyaltson Chotso, a former

political prisoner in Tibet who was tortured. Among the colleges and

universities that the tour will visit are: Wesleyan University, Tufts

University, Boston University, Hampshire College, Middlebury College, Ithaca

College, Syracuse University, Tenafly High School, New York University,

Columbia University, Brooklyn College, Dickinson College, Indiana University

and the University of Chicago.