Trouble at Pearl Jam Show?

Some members of the audience obviously hadn't checked out the lyrics to songs on Pearl Jam's latest album, No Code.

Two very different stories emerged as a result of a disturbance at a Pearl Jam

show at the Meadows Music Theatre in Hartford, Connecticut this past Wed. night

(Oct. 2). First, according to a press release from the PJ camp, "...Pearl Jam

performed to a sold out crowd at the Meadows Music Theatre...The Meadows Music

Theatre in Connecticut had put in place barricades between the lawn and the

pavilion. About one hour into the show, a highly enthusiastic small group of

fans started pushing the barricades until they came apart. In the rush, a

police officer was slightly injured. Police officers in attendance got

involved, ordered back-up and restored order within ten minutes. Pearl Jam was

unaware of any problems, and the show went on as scheduled." ATN correspondent

Christopher Penler attended the show." Eddie told the people up front to settle

down a couple times, but that's all," reports Penler. "From my vantage point I

could almost see the entire crowd, and besides a few isolated incidents the

crowd was pretty relaxed. I think this whole thing is being blown a wee bit out

of proportion."

According to a report filed by the Hartford Police

Department, things were a little more hectic. A spokesperson for the PD said

that the venue had hired 36 private-duty officers for the sold-out show to

provide security. Police estimated the crowd at over 30,000, which put the

police-to-patron ratio at around one per 1,000. According to the report, "It

was immediately apparent that the detail was insufficient. Members of the crowd

were under the influence of drugs and liquor which contributed to the violence

that erupted between themselves. The officers, severely understaffed, were not

able to provide services to themselves or patrons. Officers attempted to quell

large-scale fights as they occurred, but this became futile as the officers

were immediately drawn into he crowd and forced to defend themselves. During

the evening a person was injured in the middle of the crowd, EMS could not

reach the person for some time due to the violent crowd. The scene repeated

itself numerous times throughout the evening." The report goes on to say that

officers and security were overrun in the section between the grass and

pavilion and that this was the scene of several confrontations between crowd

members and police. The report then details a scene which found the

enthusiastic kids throwing bottles...

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