Say It's Your Birthday: Motley Crue's Tommy Lee

Tommy Lee's famous wife.

Today is the birthday of Motley Crue drummer Tommy Lee,

born in 1962. Formed in 1981, the band married two big styles: glam rock and

heavy metal. Soon there were opening for Kiss and Ozzy Osbourne. In 1985, The

Crue hit gold with their cover of Brownsville Station's "Smoking In The Boys'

Room," and developed a conscience (yeah, sure they did), performing on a heavy

metal Ethiopian famine relief single "Stars." In any case, the following year

Lee married "Dynasty" vixen (and future "Melrose Place" bad girl) Heather

Locklear, who he met at an REO Speedwagon concert (how romantic). In 1991 the

band won Rolling Stone's Best Heavy Metal Band reader's pick award, and Lee and

Locklear separated soon after. Lee has since married America's dream date and

"Baywatch" babe in arms, Pam Anderson, and most of his recent appearances have

been in the tabloids, brandishing weapons. Just the other week, Lee allegedly

got in a fight with a photog. As for what the Crue are up too, we don't know,

and, at this point, we don't really care.