Bardo Pond On Tour. See Them.

Take a trip.

Bardo Pond make loud distorted guitar noise rock, only

with melody. Sonic Youth meets the Breeders? One thing is for sure, if this

combo that features the haunting vocals of Isobel Sollengerger comes to your

town, you should not miss them. And they just may be coming to your town to

play songs off their three albums, including the most recent and quite

excellent Amanita.

Bardo Pond Tour Dates:

Oct. 4;

Minneapolis, MN; 7th Street Entry

Oct. 5; Chicago, Ill; Lounge Ax


6; Pontiac, MI; Jupiter Room

Oct. 7; Cleveland, OH; Grog Shop

Oct. 8;

Lexington, KY; Area 51

Oct. 9; Cincinnati, OH; Sudsy Malone's

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