Feelies, Social Distortion & Tom Jones (?) Cover Stones

Marianne Faithful covers "Sister Morphine" on Stones tribute album.

C'mon, be honest now, when was the last time you could remember buying an album

that featured both The Pogues and Cinderella? Tom Jones and Social

Distortion? Hell, Joe Cocker and The Feelies? Answer: never. But now, thanks to

Mark Fine, founder of Hammer and Lace Records, a venture he created to pull

together all-star albums benefiting non-profit causes (breast cancer research;

help for the visually impaired), you can. Shared Vision II: The Songs of

the Rolling Stones (due out October 15) is a fifteen-track collection of

odds (Cash doing "No Expectations" in 1978, pre-comeback), and sods (Rod

Stewart wheezing out "Street Fighting Man") that features a peculiar assortment

of artists paying tribute to Mick and the boys, all for a good cause. Like the

first collection, 1994's tribute to the Beatles that featured Redd Kross, Salt

'n' Pepa,, Robert Palmer, Elton John and Stevie Wonder, this sampler is a

mixed-bag of the brilliant (Marianne Faithful's stunning, dark take on "Sister

Morphine, The Feelies' supercharged "Paint it Black") and the bizarre (Tom

Jones' robotic, electro-funk groove swing at "Satisfaction"). Also of interest:

Social Distortion doing "Back Street Girl," the Trashing Dove's killer

"Sympathy For The Devil," and Dramarama's cover of the semi-obscure "Memo From

Turner" (the original version is on the Performance soundtrack). A

portion of the proceeds are earmarked for The Lighthouse Inc., an organization

dedicated to helping the visually impaired lead more independent lives.