Say It's Your Birthday: Sting

Once he led one of the most popular rock bands of the late

'70s. But how far he has fallen. Now he's simply an internationally successful

solo artist. Like only a handful of others--Elvis, Madonna, Prince--he has

managed to let the whole world know him by a one word name. The Police formed

in 1977, the year the Sex Pistols broke up. The Police were the pop tip of

punk. In fact, they weren't punk at all. But they had the look, and their

sound, which included reggae rhythms, caught the attention of rock fans.

"Roxanne" broke into the American Top 40 in 1979, and until the group's

mid-'80s break-up, they were one of the world's most popular bands. We're not

quote sure what happened to that mega Police reunion (studio album, stadium

tour, live album, home video--the works), and until it happens, you'll just

have to make due with more Sting solo albums. Yawn.