Stone Temple Pilot Talks (A Little)

Cover art from latest Pilots' album, Tiny Music...Songs from the Vatican Gift Show.

Scott Weiland, the lead singer for Stone Temple Pilots

says he's cleaned up and ready to rock. "I feel like a young kid," he said

Monday during a Westwood One interview. "I'm really excited... We did what we

had to do and things are coming around. We have a great opportunity. I'm just

really grateful to go out and play with these guys. I really missed being

around them and playing with them." Weiland, 29, has completed a court-ordered

rehab program at the Impact Alcohol and Drug Treatment Center in Pasadena, and

for the past month has lived at a half-way house. Weiland still has to appear

in court on Oct. 29. It is expected that the judge will give Weiland the go

ahead to tour. Has Weiland really had enough time to get himself together? "How

long is long enough? It's hard to say," the band's manager, Steve Stewart,"

told the L. A. Times. "All I know is, he's been with the program for

[five] months and he's been doing very well. He wants to work, and the other

guys want to work. It's something they want very badly. They're heavily

motivated to go out and play." As reported here yesterday, the Stone Temple

Pilots kick off their tour on Nov. 4 at the Universal Amphitheater in L. A.

They expect to play some 30 cities in the U. S.