Director Demme Now Set To Work With Robyn Hitchcock

Hitchcock to hit the road.

It's now official. Jonathan Demme will direct a concert

film of cult artist Robyn Hitchcock performing in New York next month. Demme,

you might recall, directed the acclaimed Talking Heads film, Stop Making

Sense, as well as The Silence of the Lambs and Philadelphia.

We understand that Demme has been a Hitchcock fan for years. The film will be

out in '97, along with a soundtrack album. In addition to performing a mix of

older material and songs from his latest album, Moss Elixir, Hitchcock

plans to debut a bunch of new songs. And he just may be joined by some cool

guests, whose names we can't reveal quite yet. "This will hurl this cult artist

into a different realm," said a source who works with Hitchcock. "A whole new

audience will discover Robin through Demme's film. It's a wonderful thing."

Hitchcock begins a North American tour later this month. At the moment, the

first date is in Montreal on Oct. 24, but we understand that it could start

sooner than that.

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