Graham Parker Still Fighting "Lame" Music

Parker to tour with The Figgs as backup.

For whatever reason, there are seven, count'em, seven

Graham Parker related releases out this year aside from his latest album,

Acid Bubblegum. There's a re-issue of Squeezing the Sparks along

with a bonus live disc from Arista Records which is no doubt still attempting

to recoup losses [see yesterday's report]. There's a live disc of Parker with

the now defunct Episodes from Razor & Tie and a three disc package from

Parker's early years at Mercury. The other two releases are an unexpected disc

of Parker reading Jack Kerouac's Visions of Cody (?!) and a tribute

album of covers called Piss & Vinegar. Unlike Rush, who've dissed a

recent Rush tribute album because they think the public is sick of the damn

things, Parker is quite happy to see his songs covered by other artists on one

CD. "They (Rush) are just uptight because they're afraid of not being seen as a

viable force in modern music. But then, they were out of date when they

started," says Parker who is really quite flattered by his own tribute album.

"People spent a lot of time learning my songs although some got my lyrics

completely wrong and changed the whole meaning of some songs. But I don't give

a shit if they got it wrong. Everything is fine by me."

One band that has

taken a more in depth interest in Parker's work is The Figgs, who often cover

any number of songs from his catalogue in their live sets. The band has taken

up Parker's offer to open for him and then double up as his backing band on the

American tour in support of Acid Bubblegum which kicks off in

Providence, Rhode Island on October 11...

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