George Michael Unplugged

Needs to get career back on track.

Look, we know there's nothing cool about George Michael,

but he's one of those guilty pleasures. Come on. We know there have been times

when you've found yourself humming "Father Figure," or one of whose Wham! hits

like "Careless Whisper" or "Everything She Wants." But we digress. Michael will

tape an MTV Unplugged performance on Oct. 11 in London at a location not

typically used for live music that holds just 400 people. The pop star is

expected to perform songs from his entire solo career. We don't know yet if

he'll dip into the Wham! songbook. We understand that he's planning to be

backed up by an orchestra, but that isn't confirmed yet either. The show is

expected to be broadcast in November "around Thanksgiving" according to our