Tool Album Out Today!

Finally, the new album it our and the boys are ready to hit the road.

Tools new (third) album, Aenima is being released

today. The long-awaited album (it's been three and a half years since

Undertow) features a hologram on it's cover of many moving eyeballs, and

a "Parental Advisory Explicit Lyrics" sticker that we're happy to see. It means

that Tool are up to their old tricks. Can you imagine a Tool album that

wouldn't warrant one of those lame stickers? But anyway, the 70 minute long

album, co-produced by Dave Bottrill (he's worked with Peter Gabriel and King

Crimson) and Tool, includes such songs as "Hooker With a Penis," "Die Eier Von

Satan," "Third Eye," "Useful Idiot" and "Stinkfest." It's already a big

favorite around the ATN office. We especially love the insect sound that goes

on and on and on at the end of the album, and which, thanks to a really superb

field recording, will actually make you think there is a bug buzzing around

your room. Scary. The album features new bassist Justin Chancellor, who

replaced Paul D'Amour (who left last year). Tool's previous album,

Undertow, sold over a million copies. Tool is planning a fall tour; they

should hit the road later this month. A review of Aenima can be found in

"44.1 kHz," the ATN album review section.

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