After 20 Years, Graham Parker Does It His Way

Still ready to cause trouble.

Twenty years, and 19 releases down the road, Graham Parker seems to be throwing

his musical roadster into reverse with his latest release, Acid

Bubblegum. This new album finds Parker recapturing the spunk, spirit and

edge of his early work, which arguably peeked with around 1979's epic

Squeezing Out Sparks. "The synapses have been firing a bit more often

since (1988's) The Mona Lisa's Sister," says Parker from his home in

upstate New York. "In the '80s I stepped out a bit, maybe sideways at times.

But ever since Mona Lisa I've been back on the ball. Of course there's

this song ("Impenetrable") on the new record where I sing something like,

"She's got Axl Rose tattooed on her ass," which makes me sound like a complete

moron. So how can I say I'm back on the ball? Who cares, I'm just fucking


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