Ex-Beatle & The Dead?

Painting of Paul in his Beatles days by Cyril Jordan.

A "photofilm" by ex-Beatle Paul McCartney about the

Grateful Dead? Yep, you heard right. The short film makes use of four rolls of

still photos taken by McCartney's wife Linda in 1966. "If Andy Warhol can film

the Empire State Building for three hours, I figure I can do something with

four rolls of film," McCartney told Neil Strauss of the New York Times.

The film had its U. S. premiere this past Saturday at the New York Film

Festival. McCartney said he's been working off and on on the project for many

years, and that it was not made to exploit the death of Jerry Garcia. He also

said that he has other ideas for photofilms including one that would be about,

you guessed it, the Beatles.