About That NIN/ Filter Reconciliation

Reznor to Patrick: "Smash the fucker."

Apparently the feud between Trent Reznor and the leaders of Filter was blown

out of proportion. Either that or success has soothed the savage beasts. Asked

about the reconciliation that took place earlier this month when Filter's

Richard Patrick played guitar with NIN on "Head Like a Hole" at the Nothing

Records CMJ showcase in New York, Patrick's partner, Brian Liesegang said, "We

still have mutual friends in NIN. I ran into Trent a few months ago and we hung

and it was cool. We ran into some friends and they told us about this secret

show and invited us to come by and we just did the same old thing. Trent and

Rich and I all have a penchant for Budweiser and tequila, so we just sat there

and drank a while, then Rich said, 'Hey, I want to play "Head Like a Hole"

again,' and Trent said, 'Okay.' Simple as that. It wasn't any big deal. I

thought it was cool. Trent came over to him and said, 'Smash the fucker.' And

he dutifully did it." Liesegang also said that he and Patrick are considering

creating some music for some Sony Playstation games. If so, they'll likely use

a different name, possibly Philtre. "We love making music," said Liesegang.

"Sometimes the music we make isn't necessarily Filter music, or a 'Filter

Artistic Statement,' so we need to find other avenues of expressing that stuff.

We're working on a semi-ambient record, but we need to find a way to make

people understand that's it's not the next Filter record."