Bush Album Now Has A Name

Expect a raw, rock album from Bush in November.

The much anticipated second album from Bush will be titled

Razorblade Suitcase, and released on November 19. The album, produced by

hardcore Steve Albini (Nirvana, Pixies, PJ Harvey), is said to sound nothing

like the group's debut, Sixteen Stone, which has sold nearly five

million copies in the U. S. The first single, titled "Swallowed," will reach

the airwaves in mid-October. Other song titles: "Greedy Fly," "Synapse,"

"Communicator," "Bone Driven," "A Tendency To Start Fires," "Still Missing,"

and "Distant Voices." All of the songs were written by singer/rhythm guitarist

Gavin Rossdale. Bush will tour Australia in late October, but won't reach the

U. S. until next year.