Raising The Black Flag

Cover art from classic Black Flag record.

With Henry Rollins embroiled in a nasty lawsuit with his former label,

Imago, we thought it might be interesting to see what another former Black Flag

member was up to, specifically, guitarist and SST Records honcho Greg Ginn.

SST, the label Ginn started at the beginning of the '80s and which was home to

seminal bands like Husker Du, Sonic Youth, the Minutemen and Screaming Trees,

has kept a lower profile lately, concentrating on spoken word records and edgy

projects from the Leaving Trains, former Mission of Burma guitarist Robert

Miller ( The Benevolent Disruptive Ray , his first solo piano record!)

and a September 10 album from former All lead singer Scott Reynolds' new band,

Goodbye Harry. But apparently Ginn himself hasn't slowed down. He produced and

played guitar and bass on the recently released Screw Radio CD, I'm A

Generation X... a compilation featuring instrumental backing to samples

from his pirate radio talk show and he also played guitar and bass on the

soon-to-be-released debut from Hor, Slo'N'Sleazy , described by an SST

staffer as "some instrumental dance-type stuff."