Dead Can Dance's Spritual Trip

Lisa Gerrard's voice remains as unearthly as ever.

Berkeley's Greek Theater truly is a traditional amphitheater, with

its great granite columns rising staunchly behind the stage and its

rounded-bowl seating. So it was fitting that Dead Can Dance chose the theater

for their Bay Area performance Friday night (Aug. 9). The band's peculiar blend

of spicy world music, spanning continents and centuries, took the audience to a

place where time might not exist.

Dead Can Dance founders Lisa Gerrard and

Brendan Perry were joined on-stage with a host of musicians, and as they

launched into "The Snake and the Moon," from their latest release,

Spiritchaser, the entire stage erupted into a fury of drums, percussion,

and Gerrard's signature voice -- plaintive, ululating and unearthly.


set featured work spanning their 15 years of recording. "Yulunga," from 1993's

Into the Labyrinth, was a lesson in anticipation...

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