Henry Rollins Is Very Serious (No Lie!)

Don't get on Mr. Rollins' bad side.

He fronts a band, he

owns a publishing company, he goes coast-to-coast and around the world more

times in one year than most do in a lifetime. He writes, he rocks, he fucks, he

hurts. He's more human than human, but not Mr. Congeniality because there's no

reason to be after what his eyes have seen. He's Henry Rollins, and he's got a

lot on his mind.

Mr. Rollins has recently had his mind on his money or more

precisely the money he's probably going to lose when his court case with Imago

Records, the label he used to record for, concludes somewhere down the slow

judiciary road. "Well, it's kinda like this. They say they have me

contractually bound and we say they don't. It's more up to the lawyers at this

point," he says in the same emotionless, almost monotone voice found on his

most recent spoken word recordings. "It'll be a settlement. Yeah, it looks like

he'll (Terry Ellis, Imago's owner) be able to squeeze a little more juice out

of my skin. Terry just wants the money, not like he needs it, but that's how it


Since detaching himself from Imago, Rollins has signed a deal with

Dream Works SKG and spent the past 15 months writing...

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