Yum-Yum: Not So Tasty

The guy with the glasses is Chris Holmes.

Sometimes a great notion is just that. And the debut offering from

Chicago's Yum-Yum, Dan Loves Patti is full of great notions, but

sometimes great notions seem greater in the studio than they do in the flesh.

Over the course of a dozen string-laden, breathy pop gems, Chris Holmes, the

brains behind the outfit, stakes his claim for re-inventing the pop wheel with

plush arrangements and sugary platitudes sweet enough to rot your teeth at ten

paces. Holmes, 24, came to the attention of the folks at Atlantic records two

years ago thanks to a twelve-inch single by one of his other projects, the

space-rock band, Sabalon Glitz (he also fronts an ambient/techno group with

members of Red Red Meat called Ashtar Command). Holmes has been given fairly

unheard-of creative latitude by Atlantic, who've repeatedly said they expect

him to evolve into a mega-star, including free reign to release his debut with

any of the three groups, but, it is Yum-Yum's self-described "accessible" pop

that he chose to unleash first, thinking it held the widest appeal and was the

most commercial. But, after attending Yum-Yum's first big show as a touring act

on a major label last Saturday (August 3) at Chicago's Metro, one had to wonder

what exactly went wrong in transferring Holmes' twentysomething symphonies to

God and Love to a live setting. At first, the audience seemed genuinely


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