Squeeze Carry On

Nearly the moment I.R.S. Records released the latest Squeeze album, Ridiculous, the label folded.


almost 20 years at the same label, Squeeze recently departed from A&M Records

(where they'd released some 13 albums), in search of greener pastures, signing

with manager Miles Copeland's I.R.S. label (Copeland, who also manages Sting,

discovered Squeeze and signed them to his U. K. indie label in the '70s and

first brought them to America). Well, along with label mates like Dada and the

Buzzcocks, those greener pastures were recently mowed to the ground with the

untimely closure of the company. But having been in the music business for so

long, it's no doubt that Squeeze, who released their first and last I.R.S.

album, Ridiculous, only a month and a half ago, will take it all in

stride. "I want to scream, basically," says singer/guitarist Chris Difford. "We

need to return home...

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