Bowie Predicted Life on Mars Years Ago

Bowie performing during last year's "Outside" tour. Photo by Jay Blakesberg.

Somewhere in New York, David Bowie is thanking his lucky stars. Bowie, who

hasn't had a hit stateside since 1983's Let's Dance and whose European

sales haven't exactly been setting the world on fire either, has an unlikely

hit on his hands with the 23 year-old tune "Life On Mars" from 1972's Hunky

Dory . The oddly prescient song, which predated by several decades

Wednesday's announcement that NASA scientists have found what they believe to

be signs of primitive life on Mars, has been getting heavy airplay on Britain's

three main pop stations, not to mention conspicuously more spins on Chicago's

93.1 WXRT. Bowie, who plays the role of Andy Warhol in the Basquiat

biography, is set to perform four East Coast shows in Philadelphia (Sept. 6),

Washington (Sept. 7), Boston (Sept. 13) and New York (Sept. 14), during which

he will play rarely-heard gems, covers of "On Broadway," "Lust For Life," and

"White Light/White Heat," and, it's safe to assume, "Life on Mars."