The Return of Suzanne Vega

She spent a year recording the new album.

Addicted To Noise staff writer Gil

Kaufman reports: Fans of restless folkie Suzanne Vega will get a

break from the heat on September 10, when her new album, Nine Objects

of Desire , hits the shelves. While Vega has contributed to a number

of soundtracks over the past few years, most recently for "Dead Man

Walking" and "The Truth About Cats and Dogs," the dozen jazzy songs on

this disc, produced by her husband, Mitchell Froom, is her first full

album of all new material since 1992's 99.9Fš (not counting, of

course, the unofficial, Tom's Album , which featured different

mixes of "Tom's Diner" inspired by DNA's funky cover). Vega spent a full

year recording the tunes in New York with a band that included a member of

Elvis Costello's Attractions and Soul Coughing's rhythm section of Yuval

Gabay and Sebastian Steinberg.