Drug Free Radio (Well, Sorta)

For some reason, station plans to play Nirvana during their "OD free" weekend. After all, he just shot himself...

Addicted To Noise staff writer Gil

Kaufman reports: Another station hopping on the heroin hayride is

Chicago's WRCX. The station, which plays a mix of classic and modern rock,

ran promos all this week for their "OD Free Weekend" (August 10-11). The

spots, which promise no music from junkies who've OD'd like "the Grateful

Dead, Janis Joplin, Blind Melon and Keith Richards!" ['I'm not dead yet,'

interjects a British voice.] But you will hear lots of great junkies who

didn't OD, like Alice In Chains, STP, Aerosmith and Nirvana [gunshot

blast]. [Another voice adds: 'Smashing Pumpkins do not count as a heroin

addicted band since the junkies in their group are dead or fired and even

when they were in the band they weren't the main dudes.'] The

monster-truck rally-like ads ("Sunday! Sunday! Sunday!") go on to refer to

the station as the "Mainline of Rock." Program Director Dave Richards

explained the impetus behind the weekend thusly: "Drug abuse is stupid and

I hate to put it in these terms, but I don't feel sorry for people who

abuse drugs. They have to take responsibility for their actions. It sucks

for our listeners who won't be able to hear any more Nirvana music,

because Kurt had a problem with heroin. It sucked in the '70s when we lost

some of our favorite artists. We're not saying we don't sympathize with

the families and fans of these bands and artists, we're just saying that

this new heroin abuse fad is stupid and when a guy like Weiland or Shannon

Hoon decide to put that crap in their bodies, everybody suffers." Richards

said the station chose to take a humorous angle in their promo spots--some

might say the approach is in extremely bad taste--because "you have to

make light of it because it's so fucking stupid."