Chris Isaak's Baja Sessions Not What They Seem

Isaak and band in Baja.

The upcoming Chris Isaak album, Baja

Sessions, was not actually recorded South of the Border, as we

originally reported. Sure, Isaak and his band journey to Mexico a few

months back where they shot enough video footage for a longform home

video. And yes, the album is still titled Baja Sessions. And all

the cover art photos--and there are lots of them--depict Isaak, or Isaak

and his band, in Baja. But all the music was recorded in San Francisco at

Coast Recorders. Sounds like a Chris Isaak in-joke to us. In any case, the

album itself is a beautiful collection of old and new Isaak originals

("Pretty Girls Don't Cry," "Back On Your Side," "I Wonder," "Return To

Me,") along with a few covers including a stunning "Only the Lonely" and

the exotic "Sweet Leilani." The album was produced, as usual, by the great

master of understatement, Erik Jacobsen.

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