Pumpkins Settle On New Drummer!!

The band, seen here performing at the Tibetan Freedom Concert in mid-June, now have a new "touring drummer." Photo by Jay Blakesberg.

The Smashing Pumpkins have a new drummer. After two and a half days of

auditions, which took place in Chicago on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday of this

week, the Pumpkins have chosen drummer Matt Walker to replace Jimmy Chamberlin

and hit the road with them for the remainder of their 1996-1997 world tour.

Walker, former drummer with Filter, will be the "touring drummer," according to

a statement released by the band; there is no word yet on whether he will play

on future Pumpkins' recordings. The Pumpkins met Walker during the European leg

of their tour earlier this year, when Filter was the opening act. Rehearsals in

Chicago which could last several weeks are to begin immediately. As previously

reported in Addicted To Noise, Frogs founding member Dennis Flemion will

replace the late Jonathan Melvoin as touring keyboardist. (Melvoin died in a

New York hotel room of a heroin overdose last month; Chamberlin, who did drugs

with Melvoin and was in the hotel room when the keyboardist died, was fired by

the Pumpkins a few days later.) In order to have time to get comfortable with

both Walker and Flemion, the band has postponed a number of previously

announced shows that were to have taken place from Aug. 12 through Aug. 25;

their first performance with the new line-up will take place at The Thomas and

Mack Center in Las Vegas on August 27th. A new Pumpkins' single will be

released shortly.

[For a rundown of all Pumpkins' tour dates that have

been announced so far, please use "Continued" icon below.]

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