Dead Wine? You Got It!

What would Jerry think?

You've attended the Furthur Festival. You rushed out to buy the Mickey Hart

CD. The closet is overflowing with Garcia ties you'll never wear because you

don't even own a single collared shirt. What's a Deadicated head to do? How

about marking the first anniversary of Jerry's death tomorrow (Aug. 9) by

raising a glass of Dead Red, the inaugural vintage from a company calling

itself Celebrity Cellars. The bottle, which is emblazoned with the Dead's

trademarked red, white and blue skull and lightning bolt, actually contains a

non-alcoholic wine as proscribed by the living Dead, so fans of all ages can

enjoy a little nip. This grave-dancing special is courtesy of Martin Erlichman,

Barbra Streisand's manager, who promises that more celebrity wines are in the

offing, but refuses to confirm who's mug might be on the label. Hence, Addicted

To Noise offers these suggestions:

For the classic rock crowd: Hendrix

Hooch, Jug o' Joplin, Morrison Merlot, Chas Chandler Chardonnay, Lynott Lager,

White Rabbit, or Beatles Blush.

For those into the alternative scene, how

about: Cobain Chianti, or Ramones Rose.

In other Grateful Dead news, a

Jerry Garcia postage stamp is set to be unveiled this October in the British

Crown Colony of Montserrat in the sunny Caribbean. Much like the old, fat Elvis

vs. the young, skinny Elvis debate that raged a few years ago, the citizens of

Montserrat were asked to choose between two different designs (both allegedly

approved by Her Majesty, the Queen), one of a younger, dark-haired rather

rotund Jerry and the other an older, gray-haired and equally rotund Jerry. Net

profits from the sale of the stamps will go to the Young Persons Concert

Foundation," whatever that is.

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