Say It's Your Birthday: Iron Maiden's Bruce Dickinson

Today is the birthday of Bruce Dickinson, the former lead

singer of Iron Maiden. Dickinson was not the original singer for this heavy

metal outfit. He was first in a little known outfit called Samson, but left to

join Iron Maiden in 1981. That was right after Paul Di'Anno exited the band

because he couldn't get along with the other members. The first album Dickinson

appeared on was "Number Of The Beast," released in 1982, the album that brought

Iron Maiden fame in the United States, featuring, as it does, two metal

classics, "Run to The Hills," and the title track. The band's impact has been

immense in metal circles, selling millions of albums, and becoming one of the

most imitated bands in heavy metal. Dickinson has since left the band. It was

Iron Maiden, of course, that Spinal Tap was based on, as anyone who has ever

read an interview with Dickinson can attest.