McLachlan, Vega & Cole Overcome Tech Problems

McLachlan headlined "Girliepalooza."

"We were going to call this show 'Girliepalooza,'" explained Sarah

McLachlan between songs at Sunday's concert (Aug. 4) at the Greek Theater in

Berkeley, California which featured McLachlan, Suzanne Vega and Paula Cole. "We

thought we'd offer an alternative to the cock-rock going on over there," she

continued, referring to the Lollapalooza stop in San Jose two days earlier. It

was the promising beginning of what might turn into a full-scale festival by

next summer, tentatively titled the "Lilith Fair" after the Biblical first


From the beginning, however, this show was beset by problems; it

had been postponed from Saturday night after the truck transporting the

artists' gear from Friday's Los Angeles performance disappeared without a

trace. It was unclear whether the equipment used at Sunday's show was the cargo

of the recovered truck or rental gear, but the musicians handled themselves

with grace and humor despite the mismatched date and the afternoon sun which

poured down across the theater...

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