New Zealand's Dimmer Rises From Fits' Ashes

Former Straightjacket Fits' singer Shayne Carter's new band, Dimmer, is setting the New Zealand underground on fire.

While the northern hemisphere is in

the middle of the dog days of summer, New Zealand is going through a typically

rainy winter. No good for lying on the beach, but a great excuse to log some

hours in the recording studio, which is what Shayne P. Carter is doing with his

band Dimmer. Shayne made his mark as a singer, guitarist and songwriter for

Straitjacket Fits, the band that practically defined the New Zealand sound

about five years ago. Although the group has released one single, they have yet

to complete an album. Now, after a year of live gigging, it's time to


Dimmer is a guitar band. Their live shows have seen Carter open up

and stretch out, trading licks with whoever is on stage with him at the time.

Dimmer performed a short, but greatly anticipated set at Flying Nun's 15 year

anniversary show in Auckland earlier this year, and left everyone stunned--they

were that good. "Dimmer has been an umbrella for whoever I want to work with,"

said Carter, taking a break from recording at Fish St. studios in Dunedin.

"From the last band (Straitjacket Fits) I actually got sick of all the...

there's many positive things about being in a band but some things you get sick

of as well. Being in Dunedin, where there's such a pool of good musicians, I

don't want to be restricted."

At the moment, Dimmer consists of Robbie

Yates, drums; Cameron Baine, guitar and Chris Heazlewood, bass live and guitar

in the studio. Heazlewood leads another fine Kiwi band, King Loser, but that's

another story. So how is the record coming along? "We've tried to keep it

opened-ended," Carter said. "It's that fine balancing line between having songs

and having the freedom to...

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