New Nirvana: Krist Novoselic Says "Crank This Record Up!"

Experience "the ultimate allure of Kurt and Nirvana's passion." Photo by Jay Blakesberg.

"Nirvana started as a live band," writes former Nirvana bassist Krist

Novoselic, in the liner notes to the upcoming live Nirvana album, From the

Muddy Banks of Wishkah. "Don't all bands? We played around for two years

before the release of Bleach in June of 1989. Live shows were our bread

and butter before the phenomenal release of Nevermind in September of

1991. We'd hit the road for months at a time. At the end of the tour we'd split

one or two grand three ways, then call the tour a success." Novoselic listened

to over 100 hours of live Nirvana material to assemble the 16 song album, which

is due out Oct. 8. "In presenting this record I hope that the ultimate allure

of Kurt and Nirvana's passion are brought to the forefront again, where it

should be," writes Novoselic. "Let all the perspectives and analysis fade away

like yellow, aged newsprint. Crank this record up! Realize the bliss of the

power and passion! TOTAL NIRVANA!" Naturally there's a raging version of

"(Smells Like) Teen Spirit," recorded at the Del Mar Fairgrounds in California

on Dec. 28, 1991. Among the other songs appearing on the album that were

recorded during that winter of '91 world tour: "Aneurysm" (Del Mar

Fairgrounds), "Lithium" (Paradiso, Amsterdam, Nov. 25, 1991), "Spank Thru" (11

Castello Vi De Porta, Rome, Nov., 19, 1991) and "Negative Creep" (Paramount

Theatre, Seattle, Oct. 31, 1991). From the In Utero tour of 1993-94

comes "Heart-Shaped Box" (Great Western Forum, L.A., Dec. 30, 1993) and "Milk

It" from a Jan. 5, 1994 show at the Seattle Center Arena. Novoselic writes that

the two earliest performances on the album, "Breed" (then called "Imodium") and

"Polly" are off a sound board cassette recording of a show that took place at

the Astoria in London on Dec. 5, 1989. And he notes that "Spank Thru" was the

"first Nirvana song."