New Zealand's Garageland Revive 60's Pop

Meet Garageland.

Historically, New Zealand has turned out plenty of pure pop for

somewhat off-center people (Split Enz, The Chills, Straitjacket Fits) and the

Flying Nun record label has been responsible for most of the Kiwi output. While

there are several other New Zealand-based labels putting out quality releases,

Flying Nun proved at their recent 15th anniversary "Nunfest" that they're still

the top of the heap. Two of the acts showcased by Flying Nun have the potential

to break out of the local music scene, if given half a chance. Garageland and

Dimmer represent opposite ends of the pop spectrum. Dimmer, led by

ex-Straitjacket Fits guitarist Shayne P. Carter, explores pop's nether-regions

with extended jams and sheets of feedback. Meanwhile, Garageland, named after a

'70s Clash single, have been selling out all-ages shows with their energetic

blend of 60's melody and 90's angst.

Garageland captured New Zealand's


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