Say It's Your Birthday: Kate Bush

While time is known to fly and undoubtedly a whole bunch

of us have been having fun, a year has not passed by since they last time we

noted Kate Bush's birthday. No, instead, the ever-venerable Addicted to

Noise and it's even more venerable birthday bureau has inexplicably made an

error, due no doubt to deliberate mis-information fed to us by the

military-industrial-entertainment complex. In either case, the other-worldly

Bush was born on <>July, not June 30, and no matter how

similar those

months may seem to some, we here at ATN are sticklers for accuracy. Kate Bush,

born today in 1958 in Bexleyheath, England, played a large role in the

experimental pop movement of the '80s. She had immediate success with her first

single, "Wuthering Heights," which featuring the vocal gymnastics that would

mark her career (and hit #1 in England). Bush has never matched her initial

success, and has had few hit singles in America. However, combining the folk

roots and broad range of Joni Mitchell with elements of art and prog rock, she

developed a devoted following on both sides of the Atlantic. Discovered by Pink

Floyd's David Gilmour (who was told of her four-octave range) she was taken

under his wing, and her debut album, '78's The Kick Inside has recorded

under his supervision. Later she worked with other art-rock favs such as Peter

Gabriel, and although produced a handful of magical albums in the '80s, most

notably '85's The Hounds of Love and '89's Sensual World. Her

last album was 1993's The Red Shoes. Also born today; David Sanborn

(1945), and Jeffrey Hammond-Hammond, who bass for the Energizer Bunny of

hard-rock acts for five years in the mid-'70s. --Seth Mnookin