New Ruttles Tracks Surface

Yeah that's Oasis. They nicked everything from the Ruttles. Just ask Noel.

The Ruttles are back. According to today's L. A.

Times, "leagandary tapes [that] were stuck in a time capsule in 1970--"to

thwart bootleggers. And tax authorities"--have been unearthed. We haven't heard

much--really anyting--from the Rutles since the 1978 TV documentary, "All You

Need Is Cash." But now a new album of "old" Ruttles material, titled

Archaeology is due out on Oct. 29. A source close the aging band members

told ATN that the success of the Beatles Anthology albums had prompted

them to "jump on the bandwagon," and package a "bunch of leftovers." The

Times reports that Ruttles ringleader Ron Nasty (better known as

one-time Bonzo Dog member Neil Innes) is in a London studio "polishing these

'rediscovered' treasures." Included on the album will be: "Major Happy's Up &

Coming Once Upon a Good Time Band." "We've Arrived (and to Prove It We're

Here)," "Knicker Elastic King" and "Back in '64." The band may actually tour

following the album's release. Although it's not commonly known, it was the

Ruttles that Oasis and other Britpop bands like Pulp and Teenage Fanclub and

Suede and Blur have "borrowed" from. "You know Neil [Gallagher] used to be in a

Ruttles cover band," said our source. But of course.