Shellac Cover AC/DC

Steve Albini's very hard Shellac is one of the bands

participating in an on-going AC/DC tribute. Their version of "'95 Jailbreak"

appears on Sides 1-4, a two single set released by Chicago's Skin Graft

label. The set also finds Big'N covering "T.N.T.," Brise-Glace ripping through

"Angus Dei Aus Licht" and U. S. Maple doing "Sin City." The next release,

SIdes 5-6 will feature AC/DC covers by Palace Brothers and Zeni Geva.

Packaging of Sides 1-4 is the coolest, featuring part one of a comic

book, "The Skin Graft Stupid War," written, drawn and designed by Mars Fischer.

Albini was in Chicago recently, and told ATN that the Bush recording sessions

were proceding well, but that he makes a rule of not talking about bands he's

working with. What Albini did want to talk about was the very far-out Chicago

band Frontier, whose show he attended last week. The hard core producer is very

taken with the extremely experimental Frontier.

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