Two Pumpkins At Scratchie Party

The lovely D'Arcy. Photo by Jay Blakesberg.

Smashing Pumpkins' James Iha and D'Arcy were the

focus of attention at a

Scratchie Records shindig that took place at a Chicago club last night

(Fri., July 27). Iha and D'Arcy are co-owners of the Chicago-based label

that the duo formed a few years ago. One attendee told us that "James

and D'Arcy were standing around looking very fabulous" (and how could

they be anything but?). Iha was looking very uptown in a white suit and

polka-dot shirt, while D'Arcy was, to quote our source once again,

wearing a "lovely floor-length white satin dress and white sweater." At

one point D'Arcy joined Scratchie artists Fulflej on stage and sang

with the group. At the end of a song, whose name we didn't catch, D'Arcy

apologized for "screwing it up." D'Arcy and Iha are producing the group.

As for the crowd? Our source described them thusly: "Just a room full of

industry slime slithering their way past the free pizza and soda and

telling James how good his hair streaks looked." Oh yeah, Jenny McCarthy

wasn't in attendance.