Sunny Day Real Estate Leader Goes Solo

When his rhythm section joined David Grohl's Foo Fighters, Jeremy Enigk decided it was time to go solo.

Jeremy Enigk is a man of conviction. You might guess as

much if you knew that at the tender age of 20 he had already laid to rest his

first band, after recording two albums for Sub Pop; or if you had read his

intimate email posting to the Sub Pop discussion group, which detailed his

conversion to Christianity and its subsequent effect on the band; or if you had

heard Return of the Frog Queen, his first solo album (released two days

ago) featuring music for a 21-piece orchestra that Enigk arranged in

conjunction with Mark Nichols.

But you might never grasp the grand scale on

which Enigk operates by simply talking on the telephone, as we did recently.

His voice and demeanor are laid back, yet thoughtful. Like many 21- year-olds,

he punctuates sentences with words like "totally," and "right on." If you start

talking about music, though, you'll get more of the flavor of Jeremy Enigk and

his work. "The whole theme I tried to give over [Return of the Frog

Queen] is kind of a majestic theme," he says. In that Enigk has certainly

succeeded. Frog Queen is lush without being pretentious. It's filled

with fairy tale imagery, and noble in its sincerity.

Though Jeremy began

playing in his first band at age 13, most people trace the beginning of his

musical career to his stint as singer and guitarist for the emo-core band Sunny

Day Real Estate. During its three year life, SDRE released two albums, 1994's

Diary and a self-titled record in '95. When they broke up, bass player

Nate Mendel and drummer William Goldsmith went on to pull rhythm duty in Foo

Fighters. Meanwhile, Sunny Day continued to build a huge...

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