What Ever Happened To "Squirt TV" Star Jake Fogelnest?

Relegated to Pop Culture's back pages, or about to make his move? Time will tell.

We've asked ourselves over and over: "What ever became of Jake

from Squirt TV?" Well, last Monday night I decided that stand-up comedy might

be more entertaining than The 1996 Olympics (or watching prepubescent girls

prance around in the Tumbling Barbie outfit), so I went to the Luna Lounge, the

East Village's answer to Caroline's Comedy Club.

As soon as I got there my

friends were pointing out comedy celebrities. I felt like I was on the set of

Punchline II. Instead of Tom Hanks and Sally Fields, there was a guy

from "Kids in the Hall," and a guy from Comedy Central's "The Daily Show."

During the actual stand-up show, there was a surprise appearance by Jake

Fogelnest, former host of the hit talk show, "Squirt TV." Seventeen year old

Jake hosted "Squirt TV" from his bedroom first on a New York City public access

station and then on MTV. The show was canceled in May amid rumors that his

parents yanked him off the air because he had become Mr. Smarty Pants or that

MTV had given him the boot for the same reason. One comedy insider I talked to

said MTV executives canceled the show after Jake didn't show up to shoot an


At the Luna Lounge on Monday, the MC introduced Jake...


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