Torrid Tori

She likes those EPs.

Aside from being a mini-mogul (the debut from Pet, the first band signed

to her Atlantic-distributed Igloo imprint is forthcoming) and the subject of a

rabid fan base that hangs on her every breathy word, Tori Amos is also a

born-again workaholic and rare grooves guru. The piano bench-humping crooner

has not one but two EP's in the offing, this after she's already released two

similar singles-plus-rare tracks efforts for a pair of songs off Boys For

Pele "Caught a Lite Sneeze" and "Talula." The first is a just-released

remix EP that features six different mixes of the song "Professional Widow,"

the second (August 21), entitled Hey Jupiter , is set to feature a new

"Dakota" version of the title song and four live tracks, including

"Professional Widow," "Sugar," "Honey," and Amos' signature rendition of

"Somewhere Over the Rainbow." As all Toriphiles are aware, Amos is not new to

the EP game, as evidenced by a 1992 EP for "Winter" which found her covering

the Stones ("Angie"), Led Zeppelin ("Thank You") and giving her, um,

"interpretation" of Nirvana's "Smells Like Teen Spirit."

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