Billy Corgan Jams With Cheap Trick

Corgan joined one of his fave bands on-stage the other night. Photo by Jay Blakesberg.

In his first public performance since tragedy struck the Smashing

Pumpkins, the group's leader, Billy Corgan, joined his pals in Cheap Trick for

a few songs on Sunday night (July 21) at the Park West in Chicago.

Trick, who were playing a benefit for the Chicago Coalition for the

Homeless, were joined

on stage by the bald one for two encores, "If You Want My Love," and "Auf

Wiedersehen." According to a source on the scene, Corgan told the audience:

"When Rick (Nielsen) asked me to play with them (Cheap Trick), I said I don't

know how to play any of their tunes. Rick said, 'That's alright. Neither do

we.'" (Members of Urge Overkill were also in the house, but, apparently, nobody

asked them to do anything.) Billy Corgan is a major fan of Cheap Trick. He had

the group open up for the Pumpkins last year when the Pumpkins headlined at the

Riveria Theater in Chicago. Meanwhile, Cheap Trick is finally getting the box

treatment. A 4-CD box set due out August 13 will be titled Sex, America,

Cheap Trick. The set will contain 64 tracks of unreleased and live

recordings, demos,

outtakes and other marginalia that should slake the appetite of even the most

hard-core Trickster. The set coincides with the 20th anniversary of the band's

signing to Epic Records in August of 1976, and includes some

intriguing-sounding cuts, including a live 1974 cover of the Velvet

Underground's "Waitin' For the Man/Heroin," a cover of Bob Dylan's "Please Mrs.

Henry," the Move's "Down on the Bay," and a demo of "World's Greatest Lover"

with a rare Rick Nielsen vocal.