More Mermen Road Reports, Part 3

No hot water for these dudes. Photo by Jay Blakesberg.

Milwaukee, WI. Sun.,

June 2. Shank Hall Mark knocks on our door at 11 a.m. and suggests that

since there is no hot water in the hotel we should just "bolt" to Milwaukee.

Martyn tells him there may some crawling and I affirm that some slithering may

happen, but no "bolting" is likely anytime soon. "I can hardly make it to the

bathroom, never mind Milwaukee," Martyn sums up, in a matching set of flannel

pajamas in blue Tartan.

Chicago has a spring in its step today. 76 degrees

Fahrenheit, clear, breezy, humans bouncing, running, roller skating, bicycling

and talking happily in gentle summer air in the middle of a huge midwestern

city. I watch people moving furniture out of brick apartments, bums searching

dumpsters, skaters gliding noisily through sun-glassed crowds of Sunday

breakfast hope. Everything looks good now, just at this moment of the


Zip up the side of Lake Michigan to Milwaukee. We lay


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