Love & Rockets Play Surprise Gig In Tokyo

Daniel Ash and Supersnazz singer Spike perform "Wild Thing" at the Tokyo club Milk. Photo by Brian Kushnir.

Introduced simply as "Dell and the Dell Boys," Love and Rockets

played a surprise two song set early Friday morning (July 19 at 12:45 a.m.)

at the erotic-rock club Milk in Tokyo. Love & Rockets have been in Japan for

the past week playing shows in Osaka and Tokyo in support of their latest

release Sweet F.A., with the final performance happening Friday evening

at the Liquid Room in Shinjuku. I was surprised to find the members of Love and

Rockets--Daniel Ash, David J, and Kevin Haskins-- in the black-lit basement

"kitchen bar" at Milk, a space that has become temporarily packed with

computers comprising the Tokyo nerve center for activities associated with the

on-going "Global Internet Gathering," which ended Saturday (July 20). In the

midst of this scene, a real live Rock Band had appeared and were standing next

to a refrigerator case full of dildos, singing "Happy Birthday" to their

drummer (Kevin Haskins), drinking champagne, eating popcorn, and enjoying

themselves after having watched the all-girl Japanese band Supersnazz deliver a

rockin' set on the second floor stage.

We were introduced and they asked me if

I would help persuade the singer of Supersnazz to join them on stage for a


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